Molded Fiberglass Grating

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Molded Fiberglass Grating is specially designed by our engineers. It is an integral fiberglass reinforced polyester or vinyl ester grating in standard panels and sizes. It is manufactured by interweaving, continuous and thoroughly-wetted E-Glass fiberglass roving with polyester, vinyl ester or phenolic resins. It is weightless, easier to fabricate and install and first choice for several major industries over steel due to cost effectiveness and performance. It mainly used in floorings, walkways, operation platforms, stair treads, trench covers, catwalks, scaffold, bridges, etc.

Our MAPLEFRP ® Fiberglass Molded Grating’s integral structures, long service time and anti-skid top surface make the grating of an ideal choice.


Walkways | Platforms | Trench covers | Staircase | Floorings | Foot Bridges | Swimming pool overflow | Fencing | Elevated car parking | Step Treads | Earth pit covers

Chemical | Food & Beverage | Marine | Oil & Gas | Power | Industry | Buildings | Constructions | Pharmaceuticals | Pulp & Paper | Recreation | Water & Waste Treatment | Shipping | Transportation | Architectural | Telecommunications

  • FRP Molded Grating are made into various mesh patterns and surface suitable for demanding applications.
    Product Code Height (MM) Mesh Size (MM) Rib Thickness (MM) Open Area (%) Sheet Size (MM)
    SM 30 X (20X 20) 30 20 X 20 6.5-5 40 4047X 1007
    MM 30 X (20 X 20) 30 20 X 20 (Mini) 7-5 42 2003 X 740
    SM 25 X (38 X 38) 25 38 X 38 6.4-5 69 3660 X 1220
    SM 38 X (38 X 38) 38 38 X 38 7-5 69 3660 X 1220
    SM 25X (40X 40) 25 40X 40 6.5-5 64 3007X 1007
    SM 40X(40X 40) 40 40X 40 7-5 64 3007X1007
    SM 15X(50X 50) 15 50X 50 6.4-5 72 3660X 1220
    SM 50 X (50 X 50) 50 50 X 50 8-5 72 3660 X 1220
    RM 25 X (25 X 100) 25 25 X 100 6.5-5.5 66 3660 X 1220
    For Customized Size and loading standards please contact our us.
    M38X38XT38 (mm) M38X38XT60 (mm) M25X100XT25 (mm) M50X50XT50 (mm)
     Molded Fiberglass Grating  38X38X60  38X152X38  50X50X50
    M19X19XT30 (mm) M19X19Up M38X38BaseXT38 (mm) M19X19Up M38X38BaseXT15 (mm) M25X25Up M50X50BaseXT50 (mm)
     molded grating (43)1  19X19 38X38 38  20X20 40X40 15  25X25 50X50X50
  • FRP Gratings are available in eight surfaces.
     Smooth Surface Concave Surface  Fine Gritted Surface Tough Gritted Sufrace
     smooth surface  concave surface  fine gritted surface  tough gritted surface
     Mini Mesh Surface  Micro Mesh Surface  Transparent Surface  Gritted Top Cover
     mini mesh  micro mesh  transparent surface  

  • FRP Molded Grating Resin System

    frp grating resin system

    Fiberglass Molded Grating Color System

    RAL color card

  • Producing Instruction For Fiberglass Molded Grating
     Laying the roving Bathing the resin 
     laying roving  bath the resin
     Heating and curing  Releasing the mould
     heat and curing  release mold
     Polishing the surface  Trimming and cutting
     polishing surface  trimming and cutting


    Installation Fixing For Fiberglass Molded Grating

    Easy to assemble without any special tools. A pultruded FRP angle can be used as a frame for all FRP gratings.Stainless steel fixing sets can be used for all standard FRP gratings and support constructions. To prevent FRP gratings perfectly against lifting and sliding away each panel should be fixed on at least four points.


    fiberglass grating fixing

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