Plastic Manhole Cover

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The main material for plastic manhole cover is one kind of Fiberglass / Glass-fiber Reinforced Polyester (FRP / GRP), with supplementary materials, such as: calcium power, poly-styrene, reinforcing steel bar and etc., the process is compression moulding method, using special steel mould, pressurized by hydraulic pressure machine with heat 180~220 Degree.

Plastic manhole cover gully gratings reinforced by reticulation steel bar, the key part under the strain specially strengthened, in the event of the inevitable external shocks it can quickly disperse the pressure impulse and guarantee safety of people and these vehicles.

Human Design: using the most popular cross-slip stripes, simple, high-quality sound for your project icing on the cake

Exterior color can be in harmony with nature, the gap with the precision, non-twisting, non-flex, not bend, so that it is all smooth sailing in front of you.

Plastic manhole cover gully gratings are prepared by using one-step Compression Molding Technology under high temperature, high pressure, with high polymerization degree and density, and have a good impact and tensile strength, with anti-wear, corrosion resistance, no rust, pollution-free, maintenance-free etc.

  •  Dust Color Grey Color 
    frp grp drain gully covers fiberglass gully drain cover
    Green Color Brown Color 
    plastic gully covers gully grid drain cover
     Yellow Color Black Color 
    plastic manhole cover gully cover (7)
     Blue Color Red Color 
    plastic gully grating round gully covers

  • Plastic Manhole Cover Gully Grating SMC Sheet Filming Producing
    smc sheet machine smc film machine
    smc sheet making machine smc sheet
    Plastic Manhole Cover Gully Grating  SMC Sheet Moulding 
    11385343fbf2b211c4f4bd11ca8065380dd78e94 grp manhole cover testing machine
    composite manhole cover smc manhole cover
    Plastic Manhole Cover Gully Grating  SMC Press Molds
    Press mold manhole cover mould
    manhole cover mould manhole cover mold

  • Plastic Manhole Cover Gully Grating  Application
    manhole cover application manhole cover application (1)
    Plastic Manhole Cover Gully Grating  VS Iron Manhole Cover


    Plastic Manhole Cover Gully Grating  Usage


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     Our Fiberglass Trench Manhole Cover
    Fiberglass Manhole Cover Fiberglass Manhole Cover

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