FRP manhole cover

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FRP Manhole covers include the manhole base and square cover with open holes. There is a self-locking compression lock around the base under the cover and a bayonet, as well as a cassette on the base. It has the properties of light weight, self-locking, high strength, corrosion resistance and theft proof etc. It is not only suitable for urban roads, living community but also applicable to acid, alkali, salty and water polluted environment.

Advantages of frp manhole cover:

1)Strictly production control: Our Company has obtained ISO9001 certificate, all the manhole cover is produced strictly according to the BS EN 124 standard.

2)Long service life: Through the adoption of high performance resin, fiberglass and unique technology, the infiltration of resin in fiberglass is ensured, which greatly enhanced the bonding of resin and fiberglass. Under the prescriptive actual load and frequency, the service life of product is more than 20 years.

3)Good wear resistance: The sound structural design and the adoption of high wearing resistant materials effective prevent the wearing of key component of manhole cover when using.

4)Excellent aging resistance: The property of composite material and the adding of special anti-ultraviolet radiation agent make the product have excellent light stability and moisture resistance.

5)Anti-theft performance: The manhole cover is made from heat fixity composite materials, with no reinforcing steel bars and no recoverable values. Therefore, it radically solves the tough problem of being stolen as cast iron manhole cover.

6)Convenient service performance: The weight of the manhole cover is only one-third of the cast iron manhole cover. Therefore, it’s easy to installation and routine inspections; It overcome the problems of bouncing and collision which happened in cast iron manhole cover using; The appearance of the manhole cover is exquisite and handsome, you can choose the color which is harmonious with environment.

  • White Color  Red Color  Brown Color 
    manhole cover design manhole inspection cover 2012.6.29_11.24.4_4239(B500X500 B200)2
     Light Green Orange Color  Forrest Color 
    rectangle manhole cover square manhole cover rectangle manhole cover
     Green Color Black Color  Cream Color
    locked manhole cover drain manhole covers double sealed manhole cover

  • FRP Manhole Cover SMC Sheet Filming Producing
    smc sheet machine smc film machine
    smc sheet making machine smc sheet
    FRP Manhole Cover SMC Sheet Moulding 
    SMC Sheet Moulding SMC Hydraulic Press machine
    composite manhole cover smc manhole cover
    FRP Manhole Cover Press Molds
    Press mold manhole cover mould
    manhole cover mould manhole cover mold

  • FRP Manhole Cover Application
    fiberglass manhole cover application fiberglass manhole cover application
    FRP Manhole Cover VS Iron Manhole Cover


    FRP Manhole Cover Usage


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    Our FRP Manhole Cover Export All Over The World
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