FRP Hatchery Tank

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Frp hatchery tank is a “place for artificial breeding, hatching and rearing through the early life stages of animals, finfish and shellfish in particular”. Frp hatchery tank produce larval and juvenile fish (and shellfish, crustaceans), primarily to support the aquaculture industry where they are transferred to on-growing systems i.e. fish farms to reach harvest size.

Detailed introduction to Frp hatchery tank:

Kinds of frp fish tanks are available for your aquaculture systems, long life time fiberglass aquaculture tanks


1. Nontoxic, tough, molded, rigid.
2. The corrosion-resistant polyester formula used in making these tanks offers the highest chemical resistance.
3. Heavy-duty, top-quality construction, using finest materials.
4. Has rolled edges for strength, plus makes nice fingertip grip for easy carrying.
5. Won’t crack, craze, melt, flex, wobble, react or bleed.

  • FRP Hatchery Fish Tank Panel  Fiberglass  Hatchery Fish Tank Panel
    Fiberglass hatchery tanks  frp hatchery fish tanks
     FRP Hatchery Fish Tank Assembled FRP Hatchery Fish Tank Assembled
    frp fish tank aquaculture industrial  frp Commercial fish tank
    FRP Hatchery Fish Tank Installed  Fiberglass  Hatchery Fish Tank Installed
    frp/grp aquaculture tanks Fiberglass aquaculture tank


    Item No. Name Dimension
    STS-24012090 Rectangle fish tank(Sectional) 2400*1200*900mm
    STS-300120100 3000*1200*1000mm
    STS-30018080 3000*1800*1000mm
    STS-360120100 3600*1200*1000mm
    STS-4008060 4000*1800*600mm
    STS-50016065 5600*1600*650mm

  • FRP hatchery tank fish hatchery laying roving
    fish hatchery tank surface veil hand lay-up the unsaturated resin
    frp fish tank curing frp fish hatchery release mold


    See How The FRP  Vacuum Infusion Processing Working And Its Device. 

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