Fiberglass Manhole Cover

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Our Fiberglass Trench manhole cover have the following properties:

Fiberglass trench manhole cover are made from composite materials such as glass fiber, resin, quartz and corundum..

Fiberglass trench manhole cover is lightweight and excellent protection against corrosion and the effects of chemicals because it is made from FRP (fiber reinforced plastic).It weighs only one seventh of the weight of an average cast iron cover and easy to remove it during maintenance.

We apply wear-resistant and climate-resistant materials on the top surface layers so that the product can be used under very harsh conditions.


We can custom make any man hole design, pattern or company logo on the surface of the covers giving a personal finish to your manhole cover project.

Application Temperature Scope

The materials used to manufacture the fiberglass trench manhole covers are important, that is why we only use quality materials. The main material that contributes to the product application is the non saturated polyester resin. It belongs to the thermosetting resin, the performance after its solidification is as follows:

1.)Longitudinal strength:250-600Mpa
2.)Compressive strength:300-600Mpa
3.)Stretch modulus:25-35Gpa
4.)Break elongation ratio:1.3-10.0%
5.)Bending strength:700-1400Mpa
6.)Curving module:25-35Gpa
8.)Relative density:1.11-1.15
10.)C250(can load 25tons) D400(can load 40tons)
11.)Volume resistivity.1*(1012-1014)cm
12.)General application temperatures in -40~80

  •  White Color Grey Color 
    fiberglass manhole cover fiberglass trench cover
     Light Green Brown Color 
    fiberglass trench drain covers trench manhole cover
     Yellow Color Black Color 
    frp grp trench covers trench grate covers
     Blue Color Cream Color 
    manhole cover design trench cover

  • Fiberglass Trench Manhole Cover SMC Sheet Filming Producing
    smc sheet machine smc film machine
    smc sheet making machine smc sheet
    Fiberglass Trench Manhole Cover SMC Sheet Moulding 
    11385343fbf2b211c4f4bd11ca8065380dd78e94 grp manhole cover testing machine
    composite manhole cover smc manhole cover
    Fiberglass Trench Manhole Cover SMC Press Molds
    Press mold manhole cover mould
    manhole cover mould manhole cover mold

  • Fiberglass Trench Manhole Cover Application
    fiberglass manhole cover fiberglass manhole cover
    Fiberglass Trench Manhole Cover VS Iron Manhole Cover


    Fiberglass Trench Manhole Cover Usage


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     Our Fiberglass Trench Manhole Cover
    Fiberglass Manhole Cover Fiberglass Manhole Cover

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