Fiberglass heating pads

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Fiberglass Heating Pads for Livestocks

Fiberglass heating pads is an economical cold-defending tool for livestocks, such as pigs, sheep, dogs and rabbits, etc. It has electric heating elements inside and high-quality FRP with moderate hardness outside, making a comfort, safe and healthful condition to ensure a high survival rate.

Features of Electric Heat Pad for Livestocks
1. Good thermal conductivity, short time heating-up and even temperature distribution, completely suitable for livestock ventral temperature.
2. Made of pore-free material, anti-corrosion and easy to do clean and thorough clean and sterilization.
3. Low power consumption and much more heat efficiency than infrared lamp and far-infrared electric heater.
4. Equipped with switch to control temp; single-phase ac (alternating current) 220V, 50HZ.
5. Simple maintenance, available for reuse.


  • Model Size(mm)
    DRB1 500*900
    DRB2 900*1200
    DRB3 700*1800


    Fiberglass Heating Pads

  • How to use farrowing heating pads?

    Spread the pad on the floor or in the incubator; preheat (120W) for half an hour (until piglets do not flock together); then turn the switch to 60W for heat preservation.

    Cautions for Safe Electric Heat Pad Operation
    1. Single-phase ac 220V/50HZ is the only choice for power supply.
    2. There are two heating circuits and one is for spare use, but these two circuits are definitely forbidden to work at the same time.
    3. An electric-leakage protection switch should be added in the circuit; an insulation device should be added on the spring of the pad external.
    4. Do not pull the spring and lead wire when moving and using the pad.
    5. Do not punch holes and drive nails on the pad.
    6. It is better to use the pad with incubator to avoid piglets biting the pad.
    7. If no incubator, a sub-plate should be made; the pad should be protected by the trim strip; the spring also should be protected with insulating material.

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