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FRP Cable Casing Pipe is resin as basic body, continuous glass fiber and its fabric as reinforced material. They are manufactured by winding process which is controlled by computer.

The FRP cable casing pipe is suitable for the laying of the cable be used for electric power and communication at various occasions. Especially the cable which passes the traffic arteries, river, bridge, etc special environment, it can represent the easy construction, high strength, etc advantages adequately. The FRP cable casing pipe is widely used for electric power, communication, traffic, infrastructure establishment of civil aviation airport, etc.


◎ high strength, buried directly under the lane, no need concrete block  protection layer, can speed up the construction progress

◎ toughness, resistance to external stress and the damage caused by foundation settlement

◎ electric insulation, fire-retardant, heat resistance, and can be long-term use of 130 degree heat without deformation

◎ corrosion resistance(acid, alkali, salt and organic solvents and other corrosive media), long life, up to 50 years life

◎ smooth wall , do not scratch the cable. Socket rubber ring joints, easy installation and connection, and adapt to expansion and contraction

◎ proportion of small, light weight, one person can carry, two persons can install, can greatly reduce construction period, lower installation costs, and avoid long exposure to road excavation, and other traffic issues

◎No corrosion, non-magnetic

◎ wide range of applications: FRP cable protection pipe for laying cables underground for protection, and also high demand applications while going through the bridge and crossing the river .Tube pillow by supporting the professional portfolio can be composed of multi-row multi-column multi-conduit pipe way.

  •  N-general type  R-reinforced type E-super powerful type
    cable protective pipe cable casing pipe cable protection pipe
     Pipe Pillow  Pipe Pillow  Pipe Pillow
    frp cable winding pipe frp winding pipe cable pipe ring

  •  Liner Making Process  Filament Winding Process Computer Control System
    cable pipe liner making filament winding pipe computer control system
     Curing Station  Mold Release  Trimming Machine
    Cable Casing pipe Curing station Cable Casing pipe mold release Cable casing pipe trimming machine

  •  N-Cable Pipe Application  R-Cable Pipe Application E-Cable Pipe Application
    frp cable casing pipe cable pipe cable casing pipe
     N-Stacked Pipe  R-Stacked Pipe  E-Stacked Pipe
    cable protection pipe cable protective pipe cable winding pipe

  • Main raw material: unsaturated polyester resin, woven roving, surface veil mat, chopped strand mat, silica sand.
    Process: filament winding
    Series code: D-pipe used for cable
    Material: B-fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP)
    Grade code: N-general type; R-reinforced type; E-super powerful type.
    Type of product: DB-N, DB-R, DB-E

    List of size of FRP cable casing pipe
    Nominal inner diameter Nominal thickness Inner diameter of socket end Depth of socket depth Nominal length
    50 3 4 5 64 66 68 80 6000
    60 3 4 5 74 76 78 80 6000
    70 3 4 5 84 86 88 80 6000
    80 3 4 5 94 96 98 80 6000
    100 3 5 8 116 120 126 80 6000
    125 5 6.5 8 145 148 151 100 4000-6000
    150 5 8 10 170 176 180 100 4000-6000
    175 8 10 12 201 205 209 100 4000-6000
    200 8 10 14 226 230 238 120 4000-6000
    Mechanical property of FRP cable casing pipe
    No Item Unit Index
    1 Bend strength Mpa ≥135
    2 Tensile strength Mpa ≥120
    3 impact property No cracks
    4 Stiffness while the radial variety ratio is 10% Mpa DB-N,DB-R,DB-E
    5 Heat distortion temperature under bend load(Maximum bend positive stress is 1.81 Mpa.) ≥130
    6 Retention ratio of bend strength after soaked in water % ≥80
    7 Barcol hardness ≥35
    8 Index of oxygen % ≥26
    9 Sliding friction coefficient ≤0.34
    10 heat resistant factor ℃·m/W ≤4.8

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