FRP grating produced by Maplefrp consist of 12 advantage.

FRP grating produced by Maplefrp consist of 14 advantage as below:
1.Corrosion Resistance

Hight Chemical Resistance

Maplefrp® ‘s Gratings are resistant to most corrosive salts, acids, alkalis, and other chemical products.

Corrosion is a major problem within industries such as chemical, steel, food and beverage, water and wastewater, power- the list goes on.

Maplefrp® ‘s Gratings is particularly designed to provide safe, long- lasting, economical and worry- free solutions in environments where chemicals and other corrosives attack metal, wood and similar materials.

Depending on the enviroment, resins such as orthophthalic polyester, isophthalic polyester,vinylester or phenolic may be used in the construction of our Maplefrp®  products.


Not maintain the burning process

(low flame spread, self-extinguishing,Low smoke emission)

Maplefrp®’s grating has been tested. Test reports are available on request. Special fire retardant requirements can be met with extra additives.

3.CONDUCTIVITY and No Sparkle

Are the dielectric properties of the default but the conducting surface can be applied. Better thermal insulator than metal.

CONDUCTIVE properties make it ideally suited for electrically hazardous locations, acting as an inslulator. Its NON- MAGNETIC propertis allow the grating to be used in sensitive installations where the inherent magnetic properties of metal grating will prove problematic and dangerous.

Maplefrp®’s grating is ideally siuted for those installations where combustible gases may be present and accidental droping of tools onto the
steel grating may produce sparks.

molded grating



Fiberglass is invisible to radio waves EMI / RFI.They are often used for radars, aerials and supports.They do not create additional interference to the equipment.Metal can not be applied to such object, because the metal has a reflectivity.


Load capacity up to 54 tons per square meter depending on type and size.
Impact resistance,Deformation without critical damage,High pressure resistance

The impact resistance of frp grating allows repeated deflection without permanent deformation.

A certain amount of deflection can occur with loading.Unlike metal grating fibreglass has a good memory, so once the object is removed the
Fibreglass Grating will fully recover to it”s original position.

Properly installed,frp grating meet s specified load requirements for steel and is more impact resistant than metal.


FRP gratings can be protected against UV radiation by:
1. The penetration of UV-radiation is prevented by using colour pigments
2. Protective layer between the fibreglass and the resin
3. Resin top (3 mm) in which no fiberglass
The moulded-in colour is made by even fixing of pigment and resin and will not fade or require painting.

grp grating

FRP grating weight is less than one- half the weight of steel grating,easy removal for access,installation with no heavy equipment,reduced manual handling risks

Maplefrp®’s grating manufactured as a composite of continuous fibreglass strands and high quality resin.
It is integrally constructed for strength, and is less than one- half the weight of steel grating allowing easy removal for access and installation with no heavy equipment and reduced manual handling risks.


Employees experience fatigue after standing on solid concrete or heavy non-adjustable galvanized steel platforms all day.

Maplefrp®’s grating is an excellent solution to ease the strain on the back,
feet and legs of workers. Its natural slight resiliency makes it comfortable
to stand on for long periods of time thus reducing worker fatigue.This can be improved upon by inclusion of our plastic inserts.


Slips and falls are a major hazard in many industries causiing injuries and lost work days.

Maplefrp®’s grating  is available with a concave or gritted surface, both offer outstanding slip resistance in wet and oily environments and have consistently reduced slips and falls in industrial facilities.
fiberglass grating


Mini Mesh FRP grating.

Mini-mesh Grating has a 12mm x 12mm open mesh area. The smaller opening prevents objects as small as 13mm from falling thrugh and complies with the European 15mm ball failing test requirement.

The smaller holes aleso ofter smooth movement for small wheeled trolleys, wheelchairs etc.

Covered FRP Grating.

All types and sizes of grating are available with covered tops. The covered top os typically 3mm thick and is bonded to the grating panel after manufacture.

This creates a strong but lightweight covered panel. All panels are available with gritted, chequer plate or smooth finish. Ideally suiteds to service trenches, access pits,gully covers, walkways and cable troughs and etc.


Bidirectional cross-grating structure allows various options for cutting without additional support for objects where are a lot of technological channels.


Initial purchase cost of FRP Grating compares favourably with steel grating but the real saving is made on the superiour life expectancy and zero maintenance costs.

frp grating

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