The feasibility report of frp fish pond used in raising the golden fish

Report of frp fish pond used in raising the golden fish:

Raising the goldfish need large area of water, but the depth should not too deep. The common narrow and deep type fish ponds are not suitable for raising the goldfish. The traditional pond has to be improved. The clay fish pot, also known as tiger basin, although it is good devices for goldfish, but its small volume of water, difficult to transport, and also it is not suitable for home decoration and supporting. Wooden fish pond can certainly do larger tanks, but because it is made of wood, it require regular maintenance, very un-convenience, and also not suitable for home usage. There are many of my friends using a linear polyethylene plastic pond, but it is itself a substitute product, mainly owing to drainage inconvenient, and its outdoor service life is too limited.

frp fish pond

In domestic ornamental fish breeding is now generally using a new material tank—— fiberglass fish pond.

preformed fish pond

As our company’s fiberglass preformed fish ponds are completely in specification, so you can purchase it according to the required size, and thanks to the integrity of the fiberglass fish pond, the installed space only need slightly rearranged.

Goldfish need sunlight, so the outdoor and indoor moveable is particularly necessary, and fiberglass material’s stable physical properties that making its service life come to several decades. Professional sewage design and drainage design make the drained process several times faster, thus greatly reducing the intensity of labor (our bottom slope design fish pond is available). Moreover, the sizes of the fiberglass fish pond are variety to choose. The customers may find their ideal fiberglass fish tank whether to add the feet stool or pre-installation of insulation materials. Our fiberglass fish ponds are suitable for the different people’s actual needs. Some well-made special fiberglass fish tanks can be a perfect fitting of home decoration.

fiberglass fish raising tank

Of course, the fiberglass preformed fish pond also has its limited. The biggest shortness is its cost. And also we have to make molds before producing, and because of the small market, mold may not be too much, so the choice may be small.(Currently, our factory have 120 mould types) In addition, as the production of the fiberglass fish pond is mainly hand lay-up process, the production technical is also a key aspect.

fiberglass fish tank hand lay-up

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