Fish can be fast grown in fiberglass tanks

Fish can be grown in fiberglass tanks of nearly every shape and size

Fiberglass Fish tanks typically are rectangular, circular, or oval in shape. Circular or oval tanks with central drains are somewhat easier to clean and circulate water through than rectangular ones.

Rectangular fish tanks are usually built with or set upon inclined floors to facilitate cleaning and circulation.

Rearing fish tanks range in size from 500 to 500,000 gallons capacity. The size of the tank depends on a variety of factors including: stocking rates, species selected, water supply,water quality, and economic considerations.

The fish tank must be designed to correspond with the capacity of other components of the system, particularly size of the biofilter and sump so that all parts of the system are synchronized.

fiberglass fish tanks

Fish Tanks can be constructed of plastic, concrete, metal, wood, fiberglass, rubber and plastic sheeting, or any other materials that will hold water, not corrode, and are not toxic to fish.

frp fish tanks

Smooth surfaces on the inside of the tanks are recommended to prevent skin abrasions and infections to the fish, and to permit cleaning and sterilization.

Light weight, durable, fiberglass fish pond can be conveniently moved and readily cleaned when necessary, but they require special support to prevent stretching when filled with water.

Stainless steel also is a good tank material, but can be expensive. Marine-grade plywood tanks are inexpensive, but leak if not properly sealed and are not as durable as tanks of other materials.

Concrete tanks may be the most economical to build, but they are relatively permanent and immovable structures once constructed. Non-toxic plastic or rubber liners can but used over frames made of wood, metal, concrete, or other materials.

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