Fiberglass Septic Tank Is The Best Choice For Underground Waste-Water Treatment

Fiberglass septic tank is researched and manufactured by our company by way of combining the traditional frp hand lay up technique and frp filament  tank winding technique.

As communities, businesses and industries become increasingly accountable to meet environmental requirements for liquids that require safe, designproven storage, Maplefrp® Septic Tank is in the forefront with innovative answers. When considering the options in customized systems to process and store wastewater,facility designers and owners look for a long-term, structurally strong, watertight and cost-effective option. That is exactly what the Maplefrp fibreglass Septic underground wastewater tank is.

maplefrp septic tank


A fibreglass underground wastewater tank, by virtue of its materials and design, is inherently the superior choice for safe, long- term storage and treatment of wastewater for a wide range of applications.

The best storage system for wastewater is structurally strong,corrosion-resistant, watertight, easily installed and cost-effective. All these elements come together in the design and manufacture of a maplefrp fibreglass
underground wastewater tank.

Maplefrp® uses only high-quality resin and glass in the manufacture of its fibreglass tanks. It is designed to accommodate heavy traffic loads and high
water-table conditions when properly installed.

fiberglass septic tank


While concrete tanks are widely viewed as structurally strong, many are not designed for the heavy loading conditions that vehicle traffic and groundwater can present.

Since water by nature can create a corrosive environment, rust can be a major weakness in some underground wastewater storage systems. The
materials used to construct our fibreglass underground tanks are inherently rust-proof and corrosion-resistant.

Concrete tanks, whether precast or poured-in-place, are susceptible to rust if the steel reinforcement is exposed through cracks in the concrete. Exposure to hydrogen sulfide gases, present in wastewater tanks, can also cause corrosion damage to a concrete tank and steel reinforcement, thereby limiting the tanks useful life. Since wastewater tanks can be exposed to highly corrosive conditions, selecting a Fiberglass wastewater tank gives system owners and designers the assurance that rust or corrosion will not cause a leak or structural failure.

Aside from being rustproof and corrosion-resistant, a Maplefrp fibreglass septic tank is also designed to be watertight. Easily equipped for on site pressure testing before or after installation.For nearly 20 years Maplefrp® septic tank has been manufacturing large numbers of septic tanks for use in the petroleum industry, where a zero leak rate is the accepted industry standard.

grp septic tank

Features of  Maplefrp Fiberglass Septic Tanks
• Constructed of rustproof, long-lasting fibreglass
• Manufactured to meet customers functional requirements
• Designed with integral ribs for added strength
• Designed for H-20 load conditions
• Easy to ship and install
• Can be purchased with accessories that allow for both pre-installation or post-installation pressure testing
• Manufactured to applicable requirements of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 1316
• Able to be reinstalled after recertification by Maplefrp®
• Available in single-wall, double-wall and triple-wall models
• Available in sizes from 1,500 litres to sizes in excess of 150,000 litres

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