The behaviour of fiberglass pultrusion profile exposed to fire

frp grating

The behaviour of fiberglass pultrusion profile exposed to fire: Fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) materials are being increasingly used in civil engineering applications due to their several advantages when compared to traditional materials, namely, the lightness, strength, good insulation properties, low maintenance and durability. At the same time, new design issues and challenges are inevitably……read more

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Advantage of fiberglass in buildings

frp platform

Advantage of fiberglass in buildings FRP composites such as fiberglass pultruded grating have numerous potential advantages in buildings construction,including the following: Offsite fabrication and modular construction • better quality control;• improved health & safety;• faster build times;• manufacture can take place concurrently with ground-works on site;• services can be factory fitted……read more

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Frequent Question About Fiberglass Pultrusion


 What is fiberglass composite? Fibreglass, also called glass reinforced plastic (GRP) or fibre reinforced plastic (FRP), is a fibre reinforced polymer made of a plastic matrix (resin) reinforced by fine fibres of glass. Fibreglass composites are lightweight and extremely strong. Although strength properties are somewhat lower than carbon fibre and are less stiff, the material is typically far ……read more

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What is FRP and FRP Pultrusion?

frp pultruded profile

What is FRP and FRP Pultrusion ? Emergence of composite materials was a great development in the field of material engineering. Discovery of new type of composites led to the replacement of many traditionally used materials. Carbon fiber based plastics, glass fiber based plastics and other materials began to be used in high end applications like space, defense, aircrafts, robotics, special struc……read more

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The features of fiberglass handrail profiles

frp handrail

The handrail system components are manufactured with the fiberglass pultrusion process (raw materials pulled through a resin bath and pre forming die) and contain up to 70% fiberglass which guarantees remarkable mechanical properties. The internal composition of continuous directional glass fibers, determines an exceptional resistance to impact and fatigue (permanent deformations do not occur in……read more

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We have excellent ranges of frp pultruded profiles


We have excellent ranges of Glass Fiber Reinforced fiberglass frp pultruded profiles  with Epoxy / Polyester resin systems for electrical insulation and insulation applications. The Ranges covered FRP Epoxy / Polyester Dogbone, Corner Angle, Tubes, Rod, Threaded Rod, Nut, Bolt, Fasteners and Strips / Flat etc. Our FRP Composite Profiles made with Pultrusion process with Epoxy / Polyester resin ……read more

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The pultruded beam will be designed for deflection, strength and buckling.

fiberglass pultruded beam

Fiberglass Pultruded Beams exhibit both flexural and shear deflections. Shear deflections are most apparent when the span to depth ratios are less than 20. At short spans, the shear deflections comprise a significant portion of the actual deflections; therefore, the designer should always account for shear deflections when designing with composites. Although coupon testing is a good quality con……read more

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FRP PULTRUSION PROFILES,FIBREGLASS-REINFORCED PROFILES,FIBERLGASS-REINFORCED POLYESTER PROFILES PRODUCT INFORMATION Fibreglass-reinforced polyester profiles are produced by pultrusion. Pultrusion is a continuous process during which a thermosetting polymer and reinforcement fibres are moulded into a profile. Fibreglass-reinforced polyester profiles are produced by pultrusion. Pultrusion is a co……read more

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Composite Cable Tray China Supplier


Composite Cable Tray China Supplier – Maplefrp® of China Today Maplefrp®  is recognized as one of the quality manufacturers in Composite Cable Tray industry of China. At present Maplefrp®  has set up pultrusion lines which are already in full operation and few more lines are planned to be installed within near future. Maplefrp®  engineers and Technical Staff have implemented comprehensive ……read more

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GRP FRP Handrail are superior to harshest enviroments.

fiberglass handrail

GRP FRP handrail,FRP hand rail,Fibeglass hand rail GRP FRP handrail system is Glass reinforced plastic ( GRP/FRP) Handrail System, providing stainless steel advantages at an affordable price. These are produced from Polyester Resin, pultruded with a surface veil. The joining system is GRP cast and Maintenance Free. GRP FRP handrail systems are superior to conventional metallic systems. These han……read more

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