The feasibility report of frp fish pond used in raising the golden fish

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Report of frp fish pond used in raising the golden fish: Raising the goldfish need large area of water, but the depth should not too deep. The common narrow and deep type fish ponds are not suitable for raising the goldfish. The traditional pond has to be improved. The clay fish pot, also known as tiger basin, although it is good devices for goldfish, but its small volume of water, difficult to ……read more

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What should I consider when purchasing a fiberglass aquaculture tanks?

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1. A fiberglass aquaculture tanks, most aquaculturalists will tell you that a round type of this tank is best if you have the space. That said, we know plenty of aquaponic gardeners growing in rectangular and square tanks that do just fine. Just make sure any fiberglass hatchery tank you consider does NOT have hollow pockets in the bottom or any other place where solid waste can accumulate. 2. ……read more

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The feasibility report of fiberglass fish farming tanks

fiberglass fish tanks

1.Fiberglass fish farming tanks have the characteristic of plasticity, can easily installed the inlet and outlet and overflow outlet at the top or the bottom. They are less cracking in cold and severe weather. 2.Lightweight, easy to move. For certain seasonal fish species, the frp hatchery tank is more convenient to changing the water and cleaning the inside. Meanwhile, the fish hatchery tank c……read more

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Fish can be fast grown in fiberglass tanks

fiberglass fish tanks

Fish can be grown in fiberglass tanks of nearly every shape and size Fiberglass Fish tanks typically are rectangular, circular, or oval in shape. Circular or oval tanks with central drains are somewhat easier to clean and circulate water through than rectangular ones. Rectangular fish tanks are usually built with or set upon inclined floors to facilitate cleaning and circulation. Rearing fish ta……read more

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FRP Products

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FRP Products,frp profile,frp grating,composite manhole cover,frp ladder,frp handrail,frp bracket,frp pipe,frp tank,biogas,frp fish pond Hebei Maple FRP Industry Co.,Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturer of FRP relative products in Northern of China.Presently our factory mainly fouces on researching and developing FRP products production lines.We can customize the equipments to meet different a……read more

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12 designs of Fiberglass Preformed KOI Water Garden Pond


Fiberglass Preformed KOI Water Garden Pond is a kind of popular arts and crafts widely used for the decoration of indoor surroundings and outdoor gardening. It’s a favorite product to beautify our life and society. Advantage of Fiberglass fish pond:Environment-friedly FRP materilas,high intensity,light weight,anti-aging,durable,corrosion & heat resistant,waterproof,polished. We provi……read more

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Aquatic Garden Pond Pool Construction Guide

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Aquatic Garden Pond Pool Construction Guide Aquatic Garden Pond  Pool have long been common in Asia, but their growth in the United States has been dramatic over the past few years. Many homeowners have built garden ponds to add variety and to accent their home landscapes. Public parks, hotel lobbies, malls, restaurants and subdivisions have also added pools that are highly dramatic and artistic……read more

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Selecting best material for Hatchery Tanks

FRP Aquaculture Tank

Selecting best material for Hatchery Tanks Over the course of the past few articles we have dealt with many of the finer points of hatchery tanks management such as options for handling fish and flow measurement. We may have skipped over one basic thing, and that is where do you put your fish in the first place! In aquaculture the options for what you can hold fish in are almost limitless. Some ……read more

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