frp application

FRP process products is widely used in many industrial applications.

Chemical Storage Tanks
frp chemical storage tank fiberglass storage tank

Carbon steel,stainless steel,rubber-lined steel and premium alloys, once standard materials of construction for chemical storage tanks, are more and more being replaced by fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) as engineers begin to realize the advantages of FRP, e.g. increased corrosion resistance,light weight,higher strength to weight ratio,low life cycle costs,etc.

Chemical Piping Systems
frp chemical pipe fiberglass pipe

FRP piping is used extensively in process piping systems,stock and effluent piping in pulp bleach plants,chemical waste and municipal waste sewer piping,cooling tower piping,leach field acid piping, irrigation piping…

Sewage Pipe and Tanks
frp sewage pipe frp septic tank

The formation of hydrogen sulfide and its successor, sulfuric acid, in sewer pipe aggressively attacks concrete sewer piping leading to reduced service life and degraded hydraulic performance when compared with FRP. The light weight of FRP is a special advantage in installing large diameter piping. Sewage tanks such as septic tank, it is a kind of treating device which adopts depositing and anaerobic fermentation theory to eliminate the suspended organic matters in the water. It is widely used on the treatment of sanitary sewage or similar industrial sewage in hotel, restaurant, supermarket, office building, hospital, flat apartment, villa, residential area, bathing pool etc.

Fume Ducts and Scrubbers
frp fume tower frp Scrubbers

The Clean Air Act has created increasing demand for scrubbers and collection ductwork systems that will resist the corrosive effects of industrial fumes drawn from process streams. Duct and scrubbers for pulp bleach plants,ducting from clean rooms in semiconductor fabrication plants, odor control ducts, carbon absorbers,and scrubbers in municipal waste water treatment plants:all use FRP as a key material of construction to combat corrosion.The smooth inside surface of FRP piping also greatly reduces the accumulation of biomass in duct systems transporting organo-chemical fumes.

Fans, Blowers, and Hoods
frp blower frp Hoods

FRP impellers and fan housings are used in municipal waste water treatment plants. Hoods are used to capture chlorine dioxide fumes coming off pulp washers in bleach plants. And FRP pump housings are used to protect submersible sump pumps in industrial applications.

Sectional water stage tanks
sectional water tank stainless steel water tank

An internationally advanced type whom is assembled with hi-qualified SMC water-tank plates.With foodstuff-grade resin as its materials,it can protect water well from pollution.The tank is strong,light,beautiful,long lived,corrosion resistant and easy for maintenance. It is widely used for industrial and mineral companies and social organizations, houses, hotels, etc as water storage mount for residential water,water treatment,fire water…

Handrail, Profiles, Stair, Fence
frp handrail frp fence

The qualities that make FRP durable in harsh weather conditions also serve to make it the best choice of material for corrosive environments such as chemical plants, marine applications, plating facilities, pulp and paper mills and others. FRP has been shown to withstand harsh environments and is superior to steel and wood for many applications. FRP is used for handrails, catwalks, walkways, stair towers, mezzanine supports and many others.

Electrical Applications
frp cable bracket frp duct rodders

Antenna-protection tubes, antenna radomes, rods with imbedded copper wires, lightning poles, power pole cross arms, switchgear frames, supporting rods in electrical cables, insulating ladder components, power line insulators, electrical towers, pole line hardware, insulators, aerial lift-truck booms.

Grating and Structural Shapes
frp grating frp plate cover

Steel gratings used in catwalks around industrial process equipment provide a lot of surface area vulnerable to corrosion and small openings which make painting difficult. Likewise, carbon steel structural shapes are quickly attacked by corrosive fumes rising from process vessels, etc. In each case, FRP resists the corrosive attack and extends the service life of the structure by a significant time.

Cooling Tower Elements
frp cooling tower frp cooling tower fill

The moisture and oxygen rich environment of cooling towers creates a corrosion-prone environment for louvers, structural elements, distributors, sumps, and piping. FRP has long been used in these applications to extend the life of the cooling towers. Similarly, large diameter steel cooling water intake and discharge piping systems are often clogged by zebra shells. The use of FRP piping decreases, and in some instances, eliminates this severe maintenance problem.

Colored roofing tiles
frp roof sheet frp roofing tile

Which fully make use of the good specialties of FRP possessed light quality, high strength and designing freely, and adopting the SMC molding technical to be molded and with color painting appearance. Now there are more than 60 kinds of new types for this series, abroad being used in the permanent and temporary house.

Road Safety and maintenance
frp manhole cover frp glare board

The property of composite material and the adding of special anti-ultraviolet radiation agent make the product have excellent light stability and moisture resistance. Frp manhole cover has the properties of light weight, self-locking, high strength, corrosion resistance and theft proof etc. The frp anti-glare panel is with excellent anti dazzle effect and excellent resistance climate performance.

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